Cambrian Company

Cambrian Co. is a custom furniture and art studio located in Durham, NC. Each piece is designed and hand built by me, Ian Herdell, the artist and craftsman behind Cambrian Co. I specialize in residential and commercial furniture and artwork.

I am fascinated by the stories that trees can tell. Each piece of wood has a unique history, shaped by the natural world over its lifetime and then reoriented to a new purpose by the hands that work with it. I strive to forge a connection between nature and human intention, making something new and beautiful to share.

Trees tell me of soil, wind and water – of storms, insects and fungus – of passing seasons – of time on a slow scale. My work is inspired by the organic shapes and textures of trees and the stories they hold within. Each piece is handmade and represents a conversation, a back and forth I have with the tree’s tale and our shared human story. Both are old sagas and I feel privileged to add a few lines of my own

I enjoy spending time with each client as we explore their project. I listen and learn while also letting my experience guide us to a design that will fit comfortably into their life.

Please reach out to discuss your project!