About Cambrian Co.

Cambrian Co. is a custom furniture and art studio located in Durham, NC. Each piece is designed and hand built by me, Ian Herdell, the artist and craftsman behind Cambrian Co. I specialize in residential and commercial furniture, built-ins, butsudans and artwork.

I love to create furniture and art with tangible functionality and down to earth beauty. I am inspired by the beauty and structure of forms found in nature and I try to bring some small piece of that into my designs.

I find that each tree has a story to tell, a snapshot into its unique life. My designs incorporate and harness the knots, splits, rot, spalting, special grain and sculpting done by insects, wind and weather. At times I also highlight these “imperfections” with inlaid shells and stone to bring more attention to them.

This approach combined with exceptional craftsmanship allows me to create timeless, beautiful work for any space.